Sugar Dating Successful Tips

Don’t know how to find a sugar daddy? Or maybe you hesitate how to impress him? If you are already going to the first date with a sugar daddy and feel afraid, read the following tips to become more confident.

Be Funny

The first date is always crucial in the life of each girl, especially one, who is looking for a sugar daddy. You’ll start to rate him and he’ll do the same with you. Moreover, you both understand at once whether you want to continue the relationship or not. There is nothing to lose. So why not having fun while being wined by a rich man?

Good Conversation

You should know how to maintain proper conversation if want to meet sugar daddy. The majority of rich daddies will certainly appreciate your ability to talk with them on interesting topics. Before the date, look through all the e-mails and chats to find out what he likes most. Is he fond of traveling or crazy about computer games? What cuisine does he prefer?


Always choose a public place for a first date, where you feel safe and comfortable. If he suggests picking you up, it’s better to refuse, as you don’t know exactly what kind of person he is.

 Dress to Impress Him

If you want to get sugar daddy on the first date, become a real candy for him. Choose an elegant dress according to his taste and preferences. Be very attentive while choosing an outfit, as it may be the winning.

Remain Positive

A lot of men from sugar daddy dating sites like positive girls. Of course, during the first date your mind can be full of various things, but try to be positive all the time. Always stay in the moment and postpone everything for tomorrow.

A Short Date

The first date with a sugar daddy shouldn’t be too long – 2 hours are enough. Even if you are having so much fun with him, it’s better to decline all his suggestions and know your price. An experienced sugar baby appreciates her time and knows that tomorrow she would get more. Stay calm and wait your time.

Postpone Topic abt Money

So, you find sugar daddy and soon meet him, but never talk about money allowance during the first date. Leave this talk for later and you’ll win more. No rush, simply enjoy the current moment.

Size Him Up

A lot of men from sugar daddy online sites may not look rich, but possess good manners and know the etiquette. Do not concentrate on his wallet. Pay attention what questions he asks you, what suggests you eat, what compliments gives you, how much he tips – all these details matter a lot.